Careers. Not Positions.

The foundation of The LBA Group is our people. We are a professional team dedicated to providing the finest service to our clients. As a large regional accounting, consulting and wealth advisory firm, we periodically have openings for accountants, consulting professionals, financial advisors and paraprofessionals. Our goal in filling vacancies is to select people who will join our team for a full and rewarding career.

We support the ambitions of all our employees and celebrate their advancement through their professional careers, respecting their personal goals. We feel their success is our success!

Our ranks are speckled with success stories, the graduate accountants who are now partners in our firm, the paraprofessionals that are now CPAs, or those professionals and paraprofessionals who have attained special qualifications and certifications to assume advanced technical or supervisory roles. We encourage our team members to advance their education, and develop special interests and niches that suit their interests and the needs of our clients. We also encourage them to participate in community and professional organizations to foster personal and professional growth.

Family demands can be very competitive with a career, but at The LBA Group it doesn’t have to be. As a family-oriented firm, we recognize the needs of families and foster an environment conducive to both family and career. Flexibility in work arrangements has been key to permitting some of our dedicated employees to continue long careers with us through the changing demands of family life. We are pleased that we have new generations of potential accountants, paraprofessionals and consultants out there who may be filling our ranks in the future and continuing the family tradition.

That is why we don’t just fill positions. We deal with the whole person and hope that he or she will be happy and fulfilled as part of the LBA team for a long time. It seems to work.

We like having fun at The LBA Group. Come join us!