Not For Profit

With an extensive not-for-profit client base, The LBA Group is committed to serving this important sector.  The size and scope of our not-for-profit clients varies greatly and includes organizations that rely on private funding and/or state and federal funding.  Our goal is to help our not-for-profit clients get the most benefit out of these limited resources.  A practical approach, coupled with education and technical experience, assist us in this endeavor.  The LBA Group has a 45-year history of providing audit and tax services to the not-for-profit community.  In addition, the shareholders and employees of The LBA Group have been, and continue to be, involved in countless not-for-profit organizations by actively participating in organization management as members of the boards of directors or as committee leaders.

Services provided by our not-for-profit professionals include:

  • Drafting of reports such as Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Activities, Statement of Functional Expenses, and Schedule of Governmental Agency Contracts and Grants
  • Preparation of Forms 990, 990PF, 990-T and 1023
  • Bookkeeping and consulting
  • Audits, reviews and compilations
  • Presentation of audits to board of directors and or audit committees
  • Up to date continuing education specifically relating to not-for-profit organizations

Specialized certifications and experience include:

  • Yellow book certified CPAs
  • Yellow book and single audit experience

Not-for-Profit Team

Harry M. Parsons, Jr., CPA


Billy Morrow, CPA, Partner
Barbara Baldwin Finke, CPA, Principal
M. C. Harrell, CPA, Tax Director
Shelli Sirmans, CPA, Manager
Heather Beck, EA, Senior Tax Accountant
Stacey Swearing, Senior Accountant
Doug Benefield, Staff Accountant
Brooks Southerland, CPA, Staff Accountant

Not-for-Profit Memberships

  • Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida

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