Monthly Bookkeeping

The LBA Group’s Business Accounting Solutions (Solutions) department provides many of our business clients with ongoing, monthly bookkeeping services.  As an efficient business, outsourcing these services may be the ideal solution for your accounting needs.

In addition to our QuickBooks® services, The LBA Group’s Solutions department can assist you with the following monthly bookkeeping services:

  • Review all incoming invoices
  • Submit invoices for approval
  • Prepare payments as authorized to submit for signature by authorized representative of your business
  • Preparation of financial statements, including processing of checking account statements and reconciliation of bank accounts

As an added convenience, due to the web based technology we use, our accounting associates are able to facilitate these services from our offices.  This minimizes the disruption of your staff, eliminates travel expenses and increases productivity.

Take command of your cash flow, payables and receivables – anywhere, anytime.

The LBA Group has a Certified Expert on staff.  This online solution allows you to gain command and control over your cash flow, payables, and receivables – anywhere, anytime. It rakes in receivables faster, shows you the best time to pay every bill, and eliminates hours of paperwork and drudgery. It invoices your customers, pays the bills on your schedule, banks your deposits, and even syncs everything with your accounting program, freeing your time – and your mind – to grow your business.  Call today to inquire about how we can help you develop your account.