Forensic Accounting Services

Today’s headlines continue to be littered with the sordid details of corporate scandals and accounting irregularities.

At The LBA Group, our team of CPAs, Certified Fraud Examiners and Certified Forensic Consultants are uniquely qualified to serve as independent experts to help reconstruct and analyze accounting, operational and other business records. Our daily exposure to a wide variety of clients and industries is invaluable.

Our professionals have years of diverse financial and operational experience that allow us to pinpoint and quantify irregularities. Our use of technology and knowledge of various accounting systems help us efficiently obtain and analyze critical information.

We will work with you and your representatives to develop an engagement work program that is tailored to meet your specific needs. A typical engagement program often includes the following steps.

  • Performing a conflict check to ensure our independence
  • Meeting with the appropriate parties
  • Developing an action plan
  • Requesting and/or obtaining the relevant evidence
  • Organizing large volumes of data and information
  • Performing the necessary analysis
  • Summarizing our findings

We specialize in the detection, investigation, forensic analysis, and reporting of fraud, theft and other alleged misconduct. Representative engagements include:

  • Employee fraud and embezzlement
  • Reconstruction of financial records
  • Fraudulent financial reporting
  • Forensic accounting investigations
  • Review of corporate transactions
  • Misappropriation and diversion of assets
  • Business interruption and insurance claims
  • Design and review of fraud prevention systems
  • Design and implementation of internal controls
  • Auditing malpractice
  • Analysis of marital assets

Forensic Accounting Contacts

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Jason K. Lafser, CPA, CFE Principal | 904.224.9911 |