Complimentary Risk Assessment

The financial markets seem more volatile than ever. It is very important to understand the risks you are taking and to maximize the investment return you receive for this risk. Most individuals have their investments custodied at different institutions and with multiple managers (or funds). How do you know if your total portfolio is invested in an optimal way?

We offer a complimentary second opinion of your portfolio and investments. If you provide us with the statements of your investment accounts we will confidentially analyze them to determine how your portfolio is performing compared to the risk it is taking (risk adjusted return).

We will evaluate:

  • Strategic asset allocation
  • Global asset allocation
  • Relative performance (Beta, Alpha, Sharpe Ratio, etc.)
  • Tax efficiency
  • Expenses
  • Liquidity
  • Security diversification
  • Credit quality
  • Duration

Our analysis will be presented to you in a technical format as well as an easy to understand written summary. We will also provide you our objective opinion and recommendations to improve your portfolio.