Investment Philosophy

Our goal is to prudently manage risk in a cost effective, liquid, tax efficient, and tactful way.  To reduce your cost and efficiently manage tax consequences, we manage your money in house.  Our investment philosophy and tactical decision making is based off of years of experience, empirical research and proven methodologies.  We manage money by adjusting allocations to asset classes based off of macro and microeconomic forecasts. This is referred to as Tactical Asset Allocation.  We are not “buy and hold” managers nor are we “market timers”.

A cornerstone of our philosophy is to rebalance your portfolio back to your long term Strategic Asset Allocation after major market moves up or down. Disciplined Rebalancing is a method to making sure your portfolio isn’t taking too much or too little risk for your investment objectives.

We believe equities (owning companies) are the optimal asset class for growing wealth over the long term.  We also believe that fixed income is the best way to hedge risk and improve cash flow.  We analyze and select investments that best represent the asset classes and global strategies we are implementing utilizing individual stocks, Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s), index funds and/or actively managed funds.  We pride ourselves in having complete independence allowing us to freely choose how and where to invest your money.

Having a fiduciary duty to do what is in your best interest closely aligns your goals with our goals: protecting and growing your wealth.


 *Investment advisory services provided by LBA Wealth Management, LLC.