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You’ve worked hard for your success.  You and your family deserve to enjoy everything you have earned.  Take control of your financial future with LBA Wealth Management’s Planning services.

Our planning process ensures that your goals remain the centerpiece of our recommendations and strategies with your personal financial site.  LBA Wealth Advantage is our sophisticated financial system that allows you to track all of your accounts, view your financial plan at any time, and improve communication among all your advisors.

Discover: Your plan begins when you and your wealth manager start learning about each other, discussing your current plans, and exploring where you want to be.

Appraise: Should you decide to move forward, we will begin assessing what you have – appraising your assets – cash accounts, credit card debt, investment accounts, life insurance, loans, and property.

Analysis: We will determine any gaps in your plan and any adjustments that need to be made in order to get from where you are today to where you want to be.

Options: We will provide detailed recommendations along with options for how to get where you are going.  This will include a comprehensive, written report along with a full introduction to your personal financial site.

Implementation: Once you have decided to work with us on your Investing, we will begin the process of activating your plan including asset allocation, tax strategies, and estate techniques.

Monitor: With our ongoing, investment management, we continue to optimize your plan using performance thresholds, periodic evaluations, and risk assessments.

Planning services include both Retirement Planning – for those who are accumulating assets to reach their goals; and Income Planning – for clients who are rapidly approaching retirement and/or find themselves newly independent.