Retirement Planning

Is your retirement plan effective? Are your assets in the most productive place?

LBA Wealth Management offers retirement planning to our clients who are accumulating for their lifelong dreams.  Our Retirement Planning services include:

  • Retirement Expenses – outlining how expenses will grow and how taxes and inflation affect the overall cost of retirement.
  • Retirement Income – showing the amount and source of income that can be expected during retirement.
  • Guaranteed Inflows vs. Expenses – comparing the amount of guaranteed income to expenses during retirement, showing how much of your expenses are covered in a safe manner.
  • Building Your Retirement Assets – analyzing the amount and types of portfolio assets that you can expect to have amassed by the beginning of retirement.
  • Retirement Withdrawals – detailing the withdrawals being made each year to cover expenses during retirement.
  • Holistic Overview – pulling together the expense, income, and asset values into one big picture, showing whether or not you can expect to have enough money to make it through retirement and, if not, how many unfunded years can be expected.
  • Options for Meeting Retirement Needs – presenting a variety of options available to allow you to make your retirement goals or how to you can improve or move up your retirement.
  • LBA Wealth Advantage – a single access point to securely view all your financial accounts, coverages, documents, plans, and strategies; monitoring your plan along the way.